Shalva Volunteers Give Back

My Fundraising Goal: 10,000 USD
Total Raised To Date: 2,285 USD
Remaining: 7,715 USD

Volunteers 2019 Leave Their Mark

All Sponsors:
Anonymous500 CAD
Nicole Dicker180 USDWe're so proud of you Natalie!
Sari Ciment100 USDWe are so proud of our daughter Rebecca for the wonderful time she spent volunteering at Shalva.
Anonymous250 USD
sheera Landsman54 USDSo proud of you Ronit
Heidi Zuckerman 500 USDSo proud of you Jamie! Keep on doing what you do!
Randy Krevat180 USDWe are so proud of you, Julia!
Irine Schweitzer180 USDHasya Schweitzer-We are so proud of your work with shalva. Thank you for introducing us us to this amazing organization
Marcia Forman72 USDA wonderful cause! You go Julia!
Rebecca Geltzer36 USDkeep up your amazing work Tzvi! We are so proud of you! Love, Aunt Rebecca & Uncle David
Brian Haimm180 USDLindsay, we are so proud of your active involvement with Shalva.
Joyce Kinches18 USDThank you, Sammy and Shalva!
Marlene Kahan 150 USD