Talia Shostak

My Fundraising Goal: 2,613 CAD
Total Raised To Date: 4,758 CAD
Exceeded my goal by: 2,145 CAD

Hi I'm Talia!

This year as I become Bat Mitzvah, I have designated funds towards supporting the Children of Shalva.

I have been setting aside tzedaka every Erev Shabbat for Shalva and I have been selling custom made mask chains with proceeds going to Shalva.

Shalva is an organization that is very close to my family's heart and I thank you in advance for supporting my campaign.


All Sponsors:
Jessica and Yoni Lieberman72 CADMazel Tov Talia on your bat mitzvah! Love your favorite neighbors, the Liebermans.
Tima and Greg Bordan108 CADMazal Tov Talia. What a beautiful and meaningful event. May you go from strength to strength.
aviva zieleniec180 CADMazal tov Talia!
Alanna Korman72 CADMazal tov Talia! It was a beautiful and meaningful Bat Mitzvah!
Yael & Zvi Katzman118 CADMazal Tov & Yasher Koach! We love you SO much!
shayna Kahn54 CADMazel tov on your Bat Mitzvah - This is such a beautiful way to commemorate such a beautiful event - Mazal Tov Shayna & Teddy
Dahlia Guttman72 CADMazel Tov Talia! Wishing you a bright future filled with Torah and Chessed! -the Hollander family
Leibele Rodal54 CADKeep impacting You are so inspiring
Valerie and Benjamin Gross118 CADMazal tov!
Anonymous72 CADMazel Tov Talia. Thank you for choosing such a great cause.
Anonymous72 CADMazal tov Talia
Anonymous100 CADMazal Tov to you and your family on this special simcha !
Shoshana Neuer150 CADMazel Tov on this wonderful milestone in your life. We are thrilled to be part of it. - Moishe and Shoshana Neuer
Linda & Jack Lehrer120 CADMazel tov on your Bat Mitzvah, what a wonderful way to celebrate this beautiful milestone.
sari and Warren Rohr54 CADMazal Tov Talia, May you continue to uplift and inspire us. Much Nachat to your beautiful family and Klal Israel. The rohrs
Tina and Moise Eskenazi118 CADMazaL Tov beautiful Talia to you and your whole family from Tina and Moise
Adrienne Liberman118 CADMazal Tov
Anonymous120 CADMazal Tov Talia!!
Dani Ross54 CADMazel tov Talia! Such a nice way to commemorate your bat mitzvah! Dani and Avi
Mireille & Arnie Shostak500 CADMazel Tov Talia. Love you so much. Bubby and Zaidy❤️
David Sutton360 CADMazel Tov!
Anonymous20 CAD
David Diner180 CADMazel Tov!!!
Anonymous72 CADMazal Tov Talia! A beautiful Mitzvah as you celebrate becoming Bat Mitzvah.Tizki L'Mitzvot!!
Orah Katzman136 CADMazal Tov Talia!! Love, Mordechai, Orah, Ezra, Boaz, Zevi
Matthew Peters54 CADMazel Tov Talia!!!
Anonymous613 CAD
Lee-Ann Cohen100 CADMazel Tov Talia!
Betty Katzman500 CADLove you Talia Saba and Savta
Sheri Gray25 CADA wonderful way to celebrate! Congrats!
Anonymous54 CADMazal tov Talia! Continued joy and happiness always.
Sophie Abergel118 CADMazal Tov Talia! What a beautiful way to celebrate your Bat Mitzvah!
Jerrold and Baila Aspler100 CADTalia, what a meaningful way to celebrate your Bat Mitzvah. Kol Hakavod -Tizki l'mitzvot!
Jerrold and Baila Aspler100 CADTalia, what a meaningful way to celebrate your Bat Mitzvah. Kol Hakavod -Tizki l'mitzvot!