Ben Goldstein & Friends

My Fundraising Goal: 5,000 CAD
Total Raised To Date: 5,700 CAD
Exceeded my goal by: 700 CAD

Participant in 3 Point Shoot Out Challenge

All Sponsors:
Michael Garay100 CAD
John Cundari200 CAD
Barbara Schechter100 CAD
Barbara Schechter100 CAD
Anonymous100 CAD
Anonymous100 CAD
Anonymous100 CADWay to go! Great initiative!
Anonymous500 CAD
Anonymous250 CAD
Anonymous100 CAD
Anonymous100 CAD
Anonymous100 CAD
Anonymous100 CAD
Anonymous100 CAD
Matthew Tersigni100 CAD
Rocco Tersigni100 CAD
bob green200 CAD
Anonymous100 CADGreat work Ben!
Anonymous250 CADGreat fundraising for a great cause!
Jeffrey Horowitz80 CAD
DAVID Mclean100 CAD
Sheila Holtzberg25 CADGood luck everyone and Mazel Tov
Darren Morgenstern180 CADGood luck!
Marc Wasserman54 CAD
Jeffrey Horowitz250 CADGood luck to all ! Great cause
Corey Elmaleh180 CAD
Anonymous80 CAD
Kevin Shnier50 CAD
Anonymous100 CAD
Anonymous250 CAD
Howie Grossinger100 CADMazel tov - Great Cause!
Alina Wolgelerenter50 CAD
Jonathan Weinberg100 CAD
Mrs. Debbie Savage36 CADKol Ha'Kavod Ben!
Anonymous36 CAD
Julie Albert100 CAD
Daniel Wolgelerenter36 CAD
Debbie Wolgelerenter 36 CAD
Cary Wolgelerenter50 CAD
Anonymous50 CAD
Uncle Saul20 CADDrain them threes
Allan Lyons50 CAD
Elliott Levine54 CAD
Deb & Darren Abrahams100 CADMazel tov!
Dan Shulman36 CAD
Paul and Brenda Goldstein100 CADWonderful fundraiser for Shalva. Hope you, Matt and Dad sink every shot. Great Bar Mitzvah project, Ben.
Anonymous180 CAD
Anonymous180 CAD
Mitch Goldstein100 CAD
Mitch Goldstein100 CAD
Anonymous36 CADgood luck
Anonymous1 ILSבהצלחה
Anonymous1 CADgood luck