Birmingham Jsoc vs Leeds Jsoc Charity Football Match

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‘The Rematch’ is the return fixture of Hapoel Hyde Park and Maccabi Selly Oaks’ Game for Ukraine. The Leeds and Birmingham teams are using football to make a difference with the proceeds from this game going towards Shalva and a small percentage going towards ‘The Year of Student Sport’ campaign to help fund Jsoc sports across the country*

We are using this event to raise money for this incredible charity, Shalva. They help look after hundreds of families who have children with special needs and provide groundbreaking therapies for them to help exceed their potential. Many Jewish students have visited this amazing charity on an Israel tour and some have even run in the Jerusalem marathon raising money for Team Shalva in the past.

*UJS and Maccabi GB’s Year of student sports initiative is helping Jsocs come together and compete in sports.

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Noah Rosenthal50 gbp
Joe Salomon10 gbpGreat cause #Leeds
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The Smiths20 gbpKeep up the good work!
Ruth Jacobs18 gbpHappy to support this worthy cause
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Anonymous65 gbpWell done, Josh. Amazing.
Joshua Burman10 gbp
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Michal and Jeremy Herman72 gbpGo Joel! Go Leeds! X
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Noah Meszarich20 gbpUp the piglets 🐷
Ben Goldstein10 gbpCOYP
STEPHANIE SANDLER40 gbpSo proud of you Marc, Cobi, JJ & Matty. Have fun, play well and see you soon!
The Wagons20 gbpGood luck for the big game! What a good cause!
Judith Gordon20 gbpWell done ... Good luck in the gamer.
Emma & Miles Baim20 gbpA brilliant effort for a very worthy cause. Lots of love from a proud auntie & uncle.
Anonymous15 gbpUp the pigs
Anonymous20 gbp🐷🐷🐷
Caoimhe Walker5 gbp
Julian & Sian Levy72 gbpGood Luck Jota and all the boys, great charity x
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Yehoshua Moleman20 gbpThe kosher pigs !!!
Anonymous10 gbpLet’s go brum!
Anonymous18 USDGood luck Josh and all xx
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Noah Rosenthal20 gbpViva La Super pigs
Amir & Carolyn Klaus100 gbpHave fun boys. Assume we can watch live on Sky sports 2?
Matt Simpson 5 gbp
Sean Walker5 gbpfair play putting this together, clearly something close to your hearts 🤝💚
Juliet & Danny Summerfield100 gbpWell done organising this match & raising money for such an amazing charity! Proud of Josh & all the boys!
Grace Silverstein15 gbplet’s go hapoel !!
Malie Conway50 gbpGood luck !
Jota Levy18 gbpUp the oaks 🌳 time to make it x2
Liora Herman18 gbpGood luck Joel! Amazing cause 💗
Family Mezzaschlag50 gbpBest of luck.
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Jayden Awad6 gbpCan’t wait to play. Up the oaks!!
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Brum Jsoc 202218 gbpUp the Oaks!! It’s going to be such an amazing event, for such an amazing cause!
Howard Cohen20 gbpBest of luck Leeds JSoc!
Adam Cohen20 gbpForza Hapoel
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Jenson Harris20 gbpHapoel are ready
Jonah Lazarus18 gbpUp the Pigs!
Joel Walters20 USDIts coming home to L town x
Sam Baker20 gbpBadge and Judaism
Liat Carr40 ILS
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Aaron Black20 gbpFor the Badge and Judaism, up the pigs!
Bernie & Susan Wolff50 gbpGo JSoc Leeds. Hope you win the game.
Jake Frank20 gbp
Nick Black25 gbpMazeltov on all the hard work putting the rematch together and for a such deserving cause. Come On Hapoel !
Aaron Goldstein30 gbp
Dalya Carr18 ILSBring it home boys!! Leeds Leeds Leeds
sam ucko20 gbpCan't wait for a great game for a great charity. Up the Oaks.
Joel Herman20 gbpUp the pigs