John & Tabby Corre

My Fundraising Goal: 75,000 ILS
Total Raised To Date: 74,465 ILS
Remaining: 535 ILS

Tabby & John climbing Jbel Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains in aid of Shalva!

All Sponsors:
Mr S Singer50 GBP
Natalie Salem & Joshua Chadajo50 USD
Anonymous237 ILS
pam and jerry Shatzkes180 ILSKol Hachavod and Mazeltov to you both - what an amazing accomplishment! Keep up the great work you are doing - Pam and Jerry x
Elaine & Adrian Mandel300 ILSBetter late than never
Ruth Knoll300 ILS
Georgine and Jeff Levison20 GBP
Stephen Hyman50 GBPGood luck!
Jenny and Leslie Wagner360 ILSSorry we're a bit late!
Helen Gross180 ILSBehatzlachah
Adam Winton200 GBP
Jayson Raymond200 ILS
Zelda Pomson500 ILS
Stanley and Susan Levine200 ILS
Miriam Sellam50 ILS
neil Cohen180 ILS
Simon Greenspan1000 ILS
Anonymous400 ILS
Anonymous25 GBPHave a great time J & T!
Anne and Jeff Rothenberg36 USDLots of luck. Hope you make it safely to the top.
Lee Glassman100 USDKol Hakavod to you both! from Lee & Lynn
Joseph Silas100 GBPSafe Hiking.
alexa neville100 ILSGood luck and enjoy. Alexa and Michael
Jackie & David Corre180 ILSWe are so proud of you!
Vernon Epstein100 GBPBest of luck, Andy and Vernon
Jill and Barad180 USDEvery blessing!
Chana Zlotnick50 USD
Charles Corman100 GBP
Julian Levy180 GBP
Helen Silverstein54 CADWay to go!
Aron Lazarus100 ILS
Rosemary& Michael Hofbauer180 GBPA real challenge for a great cause
Rosalind and David Duke360 ILSWishing you good luck
Ruth Morris3600 ILSGood Luck Take care of Tabby Come back safely
Stuart Stern360 ILSKol hakavod to you both
Naomi & Jeffrey Greenwood500 GBP
Ruth and Michael Isaacs50 GBPKol Hakavod to you both. Come back safely!
Natalie Salem & Joshua Chadajo108 USD
Gillian & Eze Silas180 ILSKeep up the good work! Best of luck!
Libby and Moshe Werthan1800 USD
Lionel & Natalie Rosenfeld180 ILSTo celebrate QPR remaining in the Championship
Norman Rose100 GBPGood luck!
Anonymous500 USDYou do the climbing; we're happy to write the check!
julia Feuer180 ILSwell done.
Carmel & Ian Gainsford200 ILSWith best wishes
Peggy and Don Kristt200 ILSBest of luck on your trek
Deborah & Chaim Abramowitz500 ILSTwo steps for the Corres, one giant step for Shalva!
Nigel Sloam180 GBPKeep safe
Susan & David Yammer72 USDKol Hakavod!
Robby WIlton30 GBPPhew!
Marsha Roth1000 ILSThis is a terrific way to raise people's giving to Shalva. Good luck, Marsha Roth
Geoff Corre25 GBPCome on you R's ,J and T
Chia Samson100 USDBest of luck!!!
Esther Sherman36 GBPבהצלחה רבה
Leon Morris and Dasee Berkowitz360 ILSb'hatzlacha rabbah!
Ruth & David Schreiber1800 ILSGood for you - Good for Shalva!
Anonymous100 ILSSafe up and down
ida fry180 ILSKol Hakovd to you both. Be safe
zeev schwartz100 ILSKeep on climbing
Betsy Kaplan50 USD
לורנס ומקסין בלנדיס200 ILS
David and Joann Odes900 ILS
Yehudit Odes2000 ILS
John & Tabby coree1000 ILS
ג'וייס גרין3500 ILS
Ari Dale200 ILSYou two are terrifyingly energetic! Go for it!
Chanine Odes50 USDHi Tabby and John, We are supporting you from Australia!
Rob Rome54 GBPWishing you much success in your latest endeavour! Rob, Lucy, Tehilla, Tali and Deena
Karen Djemal1000 ILSB'hatzlacha Raba Kol HaKavod
Sid and Avelyn Hass200 ILSHave a safe and successful climb
Shanan Sher200 ILSgood luck from shanan and sheera
Judy and Michael Cohen200 ILSTo the top for Shalva!
Rosalind and John Rome75 GBPGood luck and lots of love. R&J x
Stephen Singer250 ILSBehatzlacha!
Larry Lauber30 GBPhatzlacha
sherry begner250 ILSBest of luck and Kol HaKavod! Sherry and Laurence
Anonymous50 GBPGood luck and keep safe
Brenda and Johnny Coren360 ILSB'hatzlacha. Kol hakavod for all your efforts on behalf of Shalva.
Felien & Micha Neuhaus200 ILS
Dorothy & Albert Gellman2500 ILS
Della Worms1800 ILS
Isaac David Dove120 ILS
Lesley Prais250 ILSGood luck. Shall I make the sandwiches?
Angela and Avi Lehrer250 ILSAs the song goes - Climb every mountain. Good luck
Clare and Simon Brooke150 ILSEnjoy! Come home safe and sound!!
Lisa Corre180 ILSYou are crazy & amazing parents. Good luck!
Naomi & Peter Neustadter1000 USD
Lesley & Gerry Temple30 GBPOi Vay. Vot a shlemazel as they say in Ladino.
Anonymous250 ILSNever stop going for more challenges!
Philip & Eve Bloom500 ILSYou two are amazing. We wish every success
Mutzi and Michael Wreschner360 ILSYou are ( or will be ) tops
Dan et Liora Corre100 GBPAu sommet de la montagne, tante et oncle. Amour de Dan et Liora.
Anonymous360 ILSKol Hacavod
lesley aaronbereg50 GBPkol hakavod good luck to you both
Stuart Dove500 ILSBehatzlacha
Jeffrey Ram100 USDkol ha'kavod. This is a spectacular challenge and Diane & I wish you both good climbing....
Bob Shemtob200 ILSGood Luck Bob & Michelle SHemtob
Charlotte & Morry Blumenfeld100 USDB'Hatzlacha
Maureen Taylor200 ILSGood luck
Arnold & Sandra Prais200 ILSgood luck and enjoy!!
Frances Schneider250 USDWOW, you are amazing. Good luck
Melman Nemlich Insurance Agency800 ILSCool dudes - John & Tabby !
Chuck & Sue Yager50 GBPI can't even spell koyach! Best to you both.
Brian and Loretta Rubins100 GBPGood luck with the climb and, of course, the fund raising.
Pam & Benjy Richman200 ILSDon't forget to take a wooly
Perry Cash50 GBPCome on u rs! Best of luck
Debbie and Morty Seelenfreund200 ILSGood Luck and Good Health
Elisheva Gordis360 ILSkol haKavod!
Caroline and Joel Weiss180 ILS
Carole Sylvester400 ILSKeep safe and Good Luck
Anonymous500 ILS
Kenneth Collins36 GBP
Tehilla and Shulamit Miller200 ILSעלו והצליחו!
Andy Hillel50 GBP
Frances and Henry Israel360 ILSB'Hatzlacha
Jean & Andrew Balcombe500 ILSB'Hatzlacha!
Danny&Liz Ginsbourg700 ILSGo, mechutanim,go!
Jonathan Kalman720 ILSYou are truly inspirational! Love Amy and Jonathan.
Auri and Deena Spigelman200 ILS
Diane and Jack Cadranel360 ILSKol hakavod!
Jean & Richard Corman50 USDKol HaKavod!
Daphne Kaufman36 GBPBest of Luck
Judy Jackson50 GBPImpressed at your continuing energy. Good luck to you both.
David Bernstein180 ILSHatzlacha Rabba!
Alan Weiner100 GBPGood luck you two!
Eva & Eddy Schwarz Sterngold360 ILSHave a wonderful time
Deborah Shapira72 USDKol hakavod!
Jack Coleman500 ILSYet another challenge. Good luck
Lennard Lazarus50 GBPKol Hacavod. Be safe.
Eliane Wohlgemuth 120 ILSBravo go for it good luck
Suzanne & Max Singer180 ILSkol hakavod
Peter Sheldon50 GBPBrave or foolish? Good luck!
Neil Schechter100 USD
Clive Rosenfeld36 GBPJohn - Hatzlacha Rabba
Yael Seruya36 USDBhatzlacha!!
Barbara Blackston90 ILSEnjoy every minute
Barry Levenfeld360 ILS
shalva weil500 ILSKol Hakavod!
Sherwin Pomerantz180 ILS
עדינה וברוך פלדשטרן720 ILSעלו והצליחו
David and Andi Arnovitz54 USD
Anonymous200 ILS
Daniel Siegel50 ILS
brian levin50 ILShonored to know you guys
Anonymous50 GBP
Barry White25 GBPAre you trying for a legal high?
Jackie Frankel50 ILSYasher koach!
Diana Lipton 1800 ILSClimb every mountain .... Diana and Chaim