Ilana Stiberman

My Fundraising Goal: 1,800 USD
Total Raised To Date: 962 USD
Remaining: 838 USD

My name is Ilana Stiberman, and for the past year, I've been learning about and working with Shalva — this incredible organization that is making the world a better place with everything they do. Located in Jerusalem, Shalva is a global leader in their rehabilitation facilities, dedicated to providing revolutionary care, therapies, and activities for individuals with disabilities. My goal is to fundraise for this organization and contribute my part, as little or big as it may be, to a meaningful cause that I know will only benefit those it encounters. Any donation helps. Thank you :)

All Sponsors:
Anonymous36 USD
Olga Feldman18 USD
Claudia Benarroch36 USD
Dana Schrager 54 USDKol Hakavod!
Annat Weissberger 18 USD
Farida Kassin60 USDCongrats Ilana, linda causa!
Saul Stiberman90 USDBeatriz y Saúl
Amelia Shoshani54 USDBravo!!!!
Judith Acherman36 USD
Anonymous54 USDQue linda labor!
Anita Murciano36 USDExcelente!
Michelle Klinger 54 USDAmazing!
Daniel & Jonathan Kleyman36 USDMazat tov Ilana!
Grace and Aliya Delcastillo36 USDGreat job! Mazel tov!
Evelyn Faigenblat54 USDKol ha kabod, so proud of you Ilana
Natalia Castillo Mulé50 USD
Debbie Abramowitz54 USDWhat a beautiful mitzvah. Kol Ha’kavod!
Emily Galsky60 USD
Veronica Sarabia 90 USD