Rubin Gitalis

My Fundraising Goal: 3,600 CAD
Total Raised To Date: 4,243 CAD
Exceeded my goal by: 643 CAD

Dear Friends and Family,

This past March was my 13th birthday and my family and I were planning an incredible trip to celebrate my Bar Mitzvah in Israel. Unfortunately, the trip has been postponed due to Covid-19.

One of our stops on our tour was to visit Shalva, an organization in Jerusalem that provides services to people with disabilities. One of their services is a sports program for kids with disabilities who want to play basketball. I really identified with this aspect of their program and wanted to do something to help.

While my visit to the Shalva has been delayed for a while, I think this is a great time to help raise money for this wonderful charity. If I raise enough I will even be recognized on their honorary B’nei Mitzvah Dedication wall and also have the opportunity to play a game of hoops with the Shalva basketball team (when I eventually visit).

My goal is to raise $3600 for this amazing organization, please consider donating so I can reach my goal!

All Sponsors:
Julie Kagan72 CADMazel tov from the Kagans!
Lisa and Rob Switzman108 CADMazel Tov Rubin!
Miriam Neeman108 CADDear Rubin, Mazal Tov in honor of your Bar Mitzvah! May you continue to go from strength to strength. Love, Miriam, Yacov, Noa and Einav
Erica Ostrega36 CADMazel Tov Rubin on your Bar Mitzvah!
Julie Kristof36 CADMazal tov Rubin from the "Krazers" (Yazer - Kristof) in Montreal!
Daniel Meirovitz72 CADMazel Tov Rubin, from the Meirovitz family
Zoey Sokalsky54 CADMazel Tov!! From Zoey and the Rest of the Sokalsky's
Lisa Sonshine72 CADMazel Tov Rubes!! So proud of you!
Blaichman Family118 CADMazel Tov!
Sharon Naymark180 CAD
Zachary Rubin120 CADDear Rubin,Mazal Tov! Shalva is a wonderful choice for your Bar donation ! So sorry we couldn't celebrate as we had planned but maybe " Next year in Jerusalem "! Love Bubbie and Zayde
Sawyer Behar72 CAD
Ben Weinstein72 CADRubin! So proud of you, Mugsy.
Desiree Furlong90 CADHappy Birthday Rubin!!
Rob Ackerman36 CADWay to go Rubin!
Michelle Feifer100 CADMazel Tov!
Elaine Gitalis1000 CADRubin, our hearts are broken that we can not celebrate your Bar-Mitzvah in Israel together, but our hearts are full that you have chosen this charity. Love, Safta and Abie
The Jacobs Family180 CADMazel Tov Rubin! We hope you will be able to celebrate this milestone before too long, and that you will have the wonderful opportunity to meet the kids you are helping.
Sandler Family 100 CADSorry you’re not able to celebrate your barmitzvah now with the inspirational trip you’d planned. You’re creating positivity in your beautiful contribution through a challenging circumstance. You should feel proud!
Robyn Mogil72 CADGreat initiative Rubin!!!!
Rebecca Dekel36 CADGreat cause! Good luck!
Anonymous36 CADMazel tov Rubin! Thank you for choosing Shalva!
James Stevenson180 CAD
Josh Gitalis100 CADWhat a great thing you're doing Rubin!
Will Hunter180 CADSuch a great idea Rubin!
Anonymous100 CADMazel Tov Rubin!
Family Nissan- Koolmees250 CADMazaltov Rubin :)
Avram Clarfield500 ILSGreat choice of a place to which to donate.We know it well.
Simon Gitalis180 CADGreat Idea Rubin. Becoming a Mench!
Sharna Gitalis100 CADWe're so proud of you Rubin!