David Gabay

My Fundraising Goal: 5,000 GBP
Total Raised To Date: 611 GBP
Remaining: 4,389 GBP

Shalva is an amazing charity, based in Jerusalem. I visited the Shalva National Center and saw the different programs they have there.
I saw hundreds of children and adults with disabilities coming every day either for nursery, for the after school programs, to sleepover, do sports and have fun. As I celebrate my Bar Mitzvah I want to do something special to help them.
I am raising money to help other kids get the best chance in life and I know that Shalva makes this happen.
Thank you for helping me, to help them.

All Sponsors:
Anonymous140 USDלדיוויד היקר, מזל טוב ושפע ברכות בהגיעך למצוות
Jonathan Amouyal500 GBPKol Akavod David. A worthy cause and a very commendable action. For a Jewish boy, reaching the age of 13 is a key milestone in à his life, he transition from a “child” to a young adult. By undertaking this, you have clearly successuffuly made that transition. Now keep it up!