Yocheved Epstein

My Fundraising Goal: 1,800 USD
Total Raised To Date: 4,350 USD
Exceeded my goal by: 2,550 USD

Yocheved is now a Bat Mitzvah! Help her celebrate by giving a gift to Shalva.

All Sponsors:
Seymour Wigod18 USDMazel Tov and best wishes!
Rhoda and jay schmulowitz36 USDMazel Tov. Glad you surpassed your goal
Ariella Schechter54 USDIn honor of Yocheved's Bas Mitzvah. May you continue to bring much nachas to your parents and family.
Ariella Schechter 54 USDIn honor of Yocheved’s bas mitzvah and her amazing parents!
Victor and Vanessa Mellul 118 USDMazal tov on this momentous occasion Wishing you continued success and good health The Mellul Family
Laurence & Gloria Gordon100 USDDear Yocheved, we’re so happy to be part of your Simcha and especially proud of you for your commitment to the children of Shalva. Mazal Tov! Love, Aunt Gloria & Uncle Laurence
Audrey Dahan36 USDMazal tov !
Rachel Heine540 USDMazel Tov, Yocheved!
Rachel Heine540 USDMazel Tov, Yocheved!
Rachel Heine540 USDMazel Tov, Yocheved!
Charlie & Jackie Nusbaum100 USDMazel Tov Yocheved! May you go from strength to strength!
MARCIA HEINE54 USDMazol Tov Marcia & Bill Heine
Steve Frankel180 USDMazes tov! What a beautiful mitzvah! Your parents taught you well.
Steve Frankel180 USDMazes tov, yocheved. This is a beautiful mitzvah. Your parents taught you well.
Zeva & Noah Adelsberg72 USDMazal Tov Yocheved!
Elly & Steve Edenbaum36 USDMazel Tov and all good wishes Elly & Steve Edenbaum
Yisroel Tzvi and Shoshana Miriam Serebrowski36 USDMazel Tov!
Chaim and Shani Blumberg36 USDMazel tov!
Shawn Baratz26 USDMazel tov and bhatzlachah.
Michael Feintuch180 USDMazal Tov!! Love, Aunt Diana, Uncle Michael, Benjy, Abby, Dahlia, David
Mordecai Krumbein36 USDMazal tov on becoming a Bat Mitzvah!
Rosa Kanevsky26 USD
Helene and David Raush18 USDMazel Tov, Yocheved, on your bat mitzvah!
Barbara and Richard Robbins54 USDMazel Tov Yoheved
Ariana and Adam Reich180 USDMazal Tov Yocheved!
Helen Feintuch 180 USDMazal tov Yocheved! I love you! Wishing you Bracha, and hatzlacha as you continue to blossom. Love Savta❤️
Mindy and Larry Rosen100 USDMazel Tov! Love, Mindy, Larry, Brett and Dorothy
Gary & Tanya KUNDIN36 USDMazel Tov!
Bill and Robin Sue Landsburg54 USDMazel Tov, Yocheved!! May HASHEM give you the brachot of good health, hatzlacha, and nachas for your family. Robin Sue and Bill Landsburg
Charles Cahn36 USDMazel Tov Yocheved
Hillel & Debbie Pester36 USDMazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah. Yasher Koach on choosing such a well deserving tzedakah fund.
Atara Epstein180 USD

Mazal Tov!

Zumi Brody36 USDMazal Tov and Kol Hakavod for choosing such a worthy cause.
Mendel and Dinie Mangel36 USDMazal Tov
Yehudit Abrams36 USDWishing you a life of service to others, and continuous gratitude.
Alan Komet54 USDMazel Tov
Eric Miller50 USDMazal tov on becoming a Bat Mitzvah. May you always spread your joy and eagerness to do Mitzvahs! Lori & Eric Miller
Eric Miller50 USDMazal tov on becoming a Bat Mitzvah. May you continue bringing joy and doing Mitzvahs. Eric and Lori Miller
Michael Altman36 USDMazal tov! From the Altman family
Ephraim Epstein180 USDWe love you Yocheved!