Rena Freundlich

My Fundraising Goal: 1,800 CAD
Total Raised To Date: 11,285 CAD
Exceeded my goal by: 9,485 CAD

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page for Shalva!
I am so excited to celebrate my becoming a bat mitzvah at Shalva in Jerusalem. Thank you for helping me support such a special organization for such special people.

All Sponsors:
Selma Schneiderman72 CAD
Selma Schneiderman72 CAD
B. Solnica 100 CAD
The S.Z. Freundlich Family Foundation Inc1000 CAD
David Diner180 CADMazel Tov!!! Love David and Lori Diner
Avi Spitzer36 CADMazal Tov Rena! From, Avi, Lieba, Zahavit, Elad, Hallel & Odelia
Phil Nadler120 CAD
elizabeth and Meir Israel180 CADMazel tov Rena! Such a meaningful way to celebrate your bat mitzvah! May that beautiful smile continue to spread joy to all around you! Love Elizabeth and Meir
Rochelle Zinkin100 USDDear Rena, Mazal tov on this momentous occasion. I am so proud of you for the mitzvah you are doing in honor of your Bat Mitzvah. You and your family are amazing! Love, Shelly Zinkin
Kerry and David Greene1000 USD
Bella Aspler100 CADDear Rena, Mazal tov on your Bat Mitzvah. What a special way to celebrate in Yerushalayim. May you continue to grow as a Bat Torah and be a source of nachat to your entire family. How fortunate we are to have you in our community! Baila and Jerry Aspler
Adeena Haber126 ILSMazel Tov and best wishes from Hessa and Donald Davis
רחל קראוס360 ILSmazal tov
Lea Landowne250 ILSMazal Tov! We are so happy that we are able to celebrate with you in Israel!
Dena Freundlich 180 USDMazal tov, Rena!! Love you so much and so incredibly proud of you!
Shoshana Neuer100 CADMazel tov, Rena!
Hillel Raymon100 USDMazal Tov Rena! from Susi and Hillel Raymon
Veeta Engel100 CADDear Rena, Mazel tov on becoming a Bat Mitzvah. You are so fortunate to be celebrating this wonderful simcha in Israel. May you be a source of joy and pride to your dear parents as you continue on the path of Torah, Chuppah and Maasim Tovim. With best wishes, Veeta and Ralph Engel
Neil and Marcy Kalnitz54 USDDear Rena, Mazel Tov! We are so proud of you and miss you so much!! Shira will give you a hug from us! Love, Marcy, Neil, Samuel, Shira and Noah
Anonymous1800 CAD
Michael Salmon200 ILSDear Rena, Mazal Tov to your Bat Mitzvah. from your family's friends in Israel - the Salmon family
Donna Cohen136 CADMazel tov! Fondly, Donna, Michelle & Chad Cohen
Anonymous180 CADDear Rena, what a beautiful & meaningful way to celebrate becoming a bat mitzvah. Mazal Tov to you and your family! May you continue to be the source of much pride and joy for your family, friends and kllal yisrael!
Chavi and Matt Lewis36 USDMazel Tov to Rena and all the Freundlichs!
Carrla Goldstein36 USDMazel Tov on you Bat Mitvah!
Barry Diner180 USD
Pamela Mason36 USDMazel Tov Rena and the entire Freundlich Family!
marla cohen136 CADMazal Tov on this milestone! Marla Cohen & Michael Mashaal
Anonymous180 CADDear Rena, Mazel tov on becoming a Bat Mitzvah. May you continue to bring nachas to your family, community and klal Yisrael! Love, Sari and Shlomo
Anonymous54 USDMazal Tov, Rena!
Enid & Carl Backman180 CADMazel Tov to Rena & Her VERY SPECIAL Family !!!
Alissa and Phil Anzarut54 CADMazel tov to Rena and the family on this very special occasion.
Roslyn & David Guttman100 CADMazal Tov Rina! May your incredible family have nachas from each other.
Susan Wainberg136 CADMazal Tov. The community is so lucky to have you as a Bat Mitzvah!
Stanley and Celia Nattel118 CADMazal Tov to you, Rena, and your whole family
Maxine and Stephen Jacobson100 CADMazel tov to Rena and all the family--all special people
Rochelle & Jeffrey Rein180 CADMazal Tov to Rena and the entire Mishpacha
Miriam Blit-Deitcher 36 CADMazal Tov !
Debbie and Howard Feldman100 CADMazel Tov!
Ella and Ernest Ehrmann100 CADMazel Tov!
Bella Lehrer36 CADMazel tov Rena, may Hashem bless you for your good deeds. Mazel tov to Rabbi and Rifki may you continue to shep much nachat from Rena. Bella Lehrer
Veronika Honigwachs180 CADMazal Tov. May you continue to be a shining light for your family and Klar Yisrael
Anonymous72 USDMazel Tov Rena From Patty Jack Ashley & Lauren Schachter
Perry Kliot180 CADMazal Tov from the Kliot family
Malvina Greenspon36 CADMazal tov and best mazal tov and best wishes on your bat mitzvah!
Judy Kunstler-Wileheim36 CADMazal Tov, I wish you all the very best
susan little180 CADMazal Tov to you and your family from susan and bennett little
Stephen Simon54 CADMazal tov!
Aviva and Jonathan Laib180 USD
Chaya and Lester Pollak100 USDAs always, we are so proud of you Rena Leah! Love you B&B
Gordon Aizer18 CADMazal Tov!
David Grunbaum100 CADBest Wishes
Gitta Zivotofsky72 USDMazel Tov Rina and all the family Tizku lmitzvot
HERSHIE SCHACHTER72 CADMazel Tov Rena and the entire family
Erin & Alex Halpern72 CADMazal Tov Rena! What a wonderful initiative!
Elaine and Fred Brasch100 USD
Kenneth Corber36 CADMazal Tov on the occasion of your Bat Mitzvah. Mazal Tov to the whole mishpacha.
Jeannine Lumbroso36 CADMazal Tov Rena and best wishes to your family.
Joel and Ellie Moss54 CADמזל טוב
Linda & Jack Lehrer100 CADMazel tov and best wishes to the entire Family.
Anonymous180 CAD
Harry Liberman100 CADMazal Tov from Helen & Harry Liberman
David Ettedgui50 CADMazal tov! -Amanda and David Ettedgui
Anonymous90 CAD
Scott Rozansky36 CADMazel Tov from the Rozanskys
Joy Glicker Lieber36 USDMazel Tov! Wish we could be there in person! Tizki L’mitzvot.
Joy Glicker Lieber36 USDMazel Tov! Wish we could be there in person! Tizki L’mitzvot.
Anonymous36 USDMazel Tov Rena and the entire Feundlich Family
Alan Minsk36 USDMazel tov Rena and to the Freundlich family. Julie and Alan Minsk
Mark and Karen Kaplan54 USDMazel Tov! Such a selfless, giving young Lady! Mazel tov on your Bat Mitzvah!
Shulamith & Jonathan Klein36 USD
David Zivotofsky36 USDMazel Tov Rena & to all the Freundlich/Pollak's
Anonymous118 USDWishing you Brach and Hatzlacha together with good health success joy and happiness in all that you do. MAZAL TOV Rebecca and Israel