Philip Efron

My Fundraising Goal: 3,600
Total Raised To Date: 9,438
Exceeded my goal by: 5,838

Dear Family and Friends,
Shana Tova! I am very excited to celebrate my Bar Mitzvah in Israel over Sukkot. In Israel, my family and I will visit Shalva, an amazing organization that helps people with disabilities. Shalva’s programs offer a variety of therapies, education, sports and wellness, recreational activities and family support. When I visit Shalva, Tamir Goodman (a basketball player once described by Sports Illustrated as the “Jewish Jordan”) and I will enjoy spending time there with the children and teaching them basketball. For me, I can’t think of a better way to help children with many different challenges then through the fun of basketball. I am aiming to raise $3,600 for this very worthy cause. Please consider making a donation to help me reach my goal.


All Sponsors:
Suzy & Robert Schwartz360 USD
Abby Modell500 USDMazel Tov, Love The Modell Family
Wendy Sassower180 USDGreat work Philip!
erica Schwartz180 USDMazal tov philip!
Leslie Blauner180 USDMazel Tov Philip!!!!
Karen Malkin180 USDMazal Tov Philip! We cannot wait hear all about your most special day and trip!!!xoThe Malkins
Jessica Kaplan180 USDMazel Tov Phillip! The Kaplans
Joanthan Weiss118 USDMazel Tov Philip! We look forward to seeing you soon! The Weiss family
Kim Heyman180 USDMazel tov on becoming a bar mitzvah.
Amy Landy 360 USDMazel Tov Philip! The Landy Family
Nancy Badner180 USDMazel tov Philip!!! We are so proud of you! Love, The Badner Family
Anonymous300 USDMazal Tov, Philip!
Gerry Mittler180 USDDear Philip, We love you are so proud of you. Mazel Tov!
Anonymous180 USDCongrats. So proud of you. Sorry we are missing the BM.
Julie & Jonathan, Mia, Mason and Stella Schwartz 180 USDMazel Tov Philip!! Love, The Schwartz’s
Stacey Kanbar180 USDMazal Tov Philip!! The Kanbar Family
Julie and Reuben Kopel 500 USDMazel Tov Philip! We are so proud of you!
Betty Schwartz360 USDMazel Tov, Philip - You are a Super Star! Love, Betty and Howie Schwartz
Roz and Jeff Sherman180 USDWhat a great mitzvah project! Mazel Tov Philip! Love, Roz and Jeff Sherman
Anonymous180 USDMazel Tov! Sara and Talia Katz
The Katz Family250 USDMalek Tov Philip. We are so proud of you.
nina davidson360 USDmazel tov phillip
sharon greengrass360 USDMazel Tov Philip Love Sharon Gary and Moe
Larry Heyman360 USDIt's so nice to see you marking this milestone in such a meaningful way! Much Mazel!
Anonymous360 USD
Deborah Edell360 USDMazel tov Philip! We are so proud of you! Love, the Edells
david gomberg250 USDMazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah! Love the Gombergs
Richard Vuernick180 USDPhilip, Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah. Great to see you involved with such a worthwhile project. Love, The Vuernicks
Anonymous180 USDWhat a great idea...combining basketball with helping others. You're the best, Philip!
Ariel Sebag 360 USDMazal Tov! So proud of you
JImmy Haber180 USDMazal Tov Phillip! What a great mitzvah project.
Anonymous180 USD
Danielle Auerbach180 USDMazel Tov Philip! We love your Chesed Project! Love, Danielle & Jon Auerbach
Abigail Doft250 USDDear Philip, Mazel Tov on your bar mitzvah! Love, Abby and David Doft
Robyn Hartman180 USDMazal Tov! We are so happy you are supporting an organization we love too! xoxo The Hartmans
Dana and Matthew Hiltzik250 USDMazal Tov Philip!! Love, The Hiltziks