David Rapport

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Therapeutic Playground for Children with Special Needs

We are coming up to a year without Dad, obm, and to preserve his memory we would like to dedicate a therapeutic playground for children with special needs.

Dad's grandson, Asher, has Down syndrome and with it many challenges and rare complications. He attends gan/nursery in Shalva, which specialises in early intervention day care for children who have to contend with a variety of difficulties.

There is an outdoor area of 60 m2 where we will put exercise equipment that is designed to help the children develop their cognitive and physical abilities. Everything has been chosen by the lady who runs Asher's gan.

We believe this will be a fitting way to remember Dad.

(If we raise more funds than the target, then we will also buy equipment that Shalva lends to families to use in their own homes.)

Donations in Shekels, Sterling and Dollars are tax deductible.

Thanking you,

Mum, Gillian, Shimon, Jonathan, David, Michael, Gideon and all the family

מתקנים ייעודיים לילדים בעלי צרכים מיוחדים

בזמן הקרוב נציין שנה בלי אבא ז"ל. כדי להנציח את זכרו אנחנו נקים אזור משחק לילדים עם מוגבלויות. אשר, נכדו של אבא, נולד עם תסמונת ודאון ואיתו אתגרים רבים וסיבוכים נדירים.

אשר לומד במקום שנקרא "שלוה" מוסד אשר מטפל בילדים רבים עם צרכים מיוחדים. המתקנים שנקנה עוזרים לפיתוח הפיזי והקוגניטיבי של הילדים.

אנחנו בטוחים שאזור המשחק יהיה דרך ראויה לזכור את אבא.

תרומות בשקלים, שטרלינג ודולרים מוכרים לצורך מס.

אמא, ג'יליאן, שמעון, יונתן, דוד, מיכאל, גדעון וכל המשפחה

All Sponsors:
Anonymous200 ILS
Nigel Finkel41 GBP
Anonymous25 GBPGlad to help he was a great guy
Jeff Freed25 GBP
Peggy amd Marc Blum150 USD
Michael and Myra Levine50 USDIn honor of Harold Blum's 80th Birthday and 40 plus years of friendship with Barbara and Hal
Enid Low20 GBP
Philip and Wendy Cline100 GBPWe are delighted to be associated with this very worthy cause
Philip and Wendy Cline100 GBPWe are delighted to be associated with this very worthy cause
Mervyn Joseph100 GBP
tony and claude Rapport500 GBP
Cassie & Simon Daniels50 GBP
David & Ida Nemtzov200 ILSTowards a fitting memorial for our dear departed friend.
Jeff & Hilary Dritz300 ILSA very special human being whom we all miss greatly.
Ruth & Mottle Shaw200 ILSWe were privileged to have known a wonderful and special person.
Elizabeth and Dov DORFMAN180 ILS
Barbara & Michael Gross200 ILS
Anonymous180 USD
Michael, Myra and Aaron Levine100 USDA wonderful tribute to Gerald and a great benefit for our Asher
Anonymous250 ILSבשורות טובות בע
Anonymous1000 ILS
Anonymous100 ILSI'm sure Asher and friends will enjoy and benefit.
Yvette Factor150 ILSYvette & Hillel Factor
Gidon and Devra Ariel100 ILSOr pleasure to support this
Joel Marks180 ILS
Lynne and Stephen Shaffer180 ILSIn honour of a much loved cousin
Yonatan Silver200 ILSBe'hatzlacha
adina rapport300 ILS
Anonymous100 ILSFor Grandpa from Nechama
Anonymous180 ILS
david warner250 GBPin loving memory of the late paulette warner
Kevin Pearl180 ILS
Anonymous300 ILS
Anonymous100 ILS
jonathan rapport100 GBP
Malcolm jones500 GBP
Harold Rubenstein100 GBP
Shirley Gold100 GBP
Moshe and Ruth Cohn180 ILS
Justin & Linda Donn150 GBP
Leslie Pearl200 ILS
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Leslie Portnoy200 ILS
Dan Kaye50 GBP
Anonymous100 ILS
Philip Kaye250 GBPPleased to support this family project - Cousin Philip
Mark Verstandig300 ILS
Max Sussman50 GBPIn memory of our greatly respected and beloved friend
Anonymous360 ILS
Lisa Shevin36 USDIn honor of our daughter bashi
Hylton Peimer1000 ILSNo telephone calls please.
Anonymous150 ILS
Ephraim Shapiro72 ILS
Sarah Batehup40 GBPUncle Gerald would be so proud xx
Anonymous1000 ILS
Michael Simons1000 ILS
Anonymous1000 ILS
Anonymous180 ILSKol hakavod Shim-bim
Tony and Avril Blasebalk100 GBPIn honour of the memory of Gerald Rapport.... a great human being.
michael band180 ILSmaybe you should walk this time