Calev Berkowitz

My Fundraising Goal: 0 USD
Total Raised To Date: 2,150 USD
Exceeded my goal by: 2,150 USD

I am so excited to be raising money for shalva for my bar mitzvah. I specifically decided to raise money for Shalva’s sports program. Basketball plays a very important part in my life. Sports help people bond, it is fun and helps people feel their best.
All children, regardless of physical or mental ability deserves the chance to play sports.
Please help me support shalva!

All Sponsors:
Tanya Corman180 ILSMazal tov Calev!
Elaine & Michael Reinheimer150 USDMazel Tov Caleb. We also love Shalva. May you continue to give your family much nachas
Rivkin Family54 ILSMazal Tov!
Ronit Lebor118 USDWe are so proud of you! Can’t wait to see and celebrate with you soon! Love Ronit, Katie, and Liam
Sabba and Savta500 USDSuch a worthwhile cause. Mazal tov! Love you, cant wait to celebrate
Orly, Zev, Tzippy, Boaz, Yaron Klapholz180 USDMazal tov! We are immensely proud of you! Can't wait to see you soon!!
Adena Poor180 USDMazel tov, Calev! Love, Adena and Yoni
Yael and Noam Horowitz 36 USDMazal tov!!
Marc Zeffren250 ILS
Malka and Allan Daskal180 USDMazal Tov Calev!!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you!
Rachel Berkowitz360 USDMazal Tov Calev!!
Batsheva Haber100 ILSMazal tov! What a wonderful project
Adam and Danielle Hertzberg100 USDMazal tov and tizku limitzvot!
Rachel & Dov Erdfarb180 USDMazel Tov Calev! We are so proud of you and miss you. - Rachel, Dov, Jakie, Ayla & Mia