John & Tabby Corre

My Fundraising Goal: 10,000 ILS
Total Raised To Date: 28,155 ILS
Exceeded my goal by: 18,155 ILS


All Sponsors:
Anonymous250 ILSMazal Tov on such a wonderful occasion.
Jo & David Odes560 ILSMazal tov
Ruth Morris500 ILSWishing you many more healthy and happy years together with your wonderful children!
Stanley Hirsch1000 ILSMazal Tov and love from Stanley and Rachel
Sue Schneider180 ILSThanks for a wonderful party and experience. May you enjoy many more, happy, healthy and fulfilling years together.
Joanna and Avraham Kushnir1800 ILSmazaltov wishing you many more years of good health ,nachat and inspiration
Ceil & David Olivestone180 ILSMazal tov! Thank you for including us in such a beautiful event.
Samuel Dove500 ILSMazeltov. Anne & Stuart Wishing you many more happy and healthy years together
Ruth & David Schreiber1800 ILSMazaltov and thank you both so much for such a meaningful event today. Enjoy each other
Thelma Levy360 ILSMazal Tov Tabby and John on this milestone anniversary. We wish you many more years of simcha and health.
BRIAN GLENVILLE75 GBPMazel tov from Nadia and Brian
Lindy and Elazar Jaffe360 ILSWishing you many more happy and healthy years together.
Anonymous180 ILSMazel Tov Many more years of health and happiness
morty seelenfreund seelenfreund250 ILSwe wish you both continued good health and much joy for many years to come. Zehava and Morty
Rosalind and David Duke180 ILSMazal tov - wishing you many more years together in health and happiness
Wendy Singer300 ILSMazal tov to a special couple and wonderful neighbors. Love, Wendy and Saul
Charlotte & Morry Blumenfeld500 ILSMazel Tov on your 50th wedding anniversary. Love Charlotte & Morry
Anonymous100 ILSYour unity is inspiring.
Valerie Adler500 ILSMazaltov to you both May we celebrate many smachot together in good health
Barbara Blackston and Max240 ILSMazal tov. Wishing you many more years together in good health.
Jerry and Pam Shatzkes 360 ILSMazeltov on your Golden Wedding anniversary. Wishing you many anymore healthy and happy years together with your beautiful family. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing for Shalva etc. With fondest love Pam and Jerry Shatzkes
Tehilla and Shulamit Miller360 ILS
Caroline and Joel Weiss180 ILSMazel Tov! Wishing many more years of health and happiness together.
Diane Rosenschein180 ILSMazal tov! Here's to many more years of healthy and nachat together -- Bob and Diane
yitzhak Arvatz300 ILSMazal Tov and many more years together.
Susan & Stanley Levine180 ILSHuge Mazal Tov on your Golden Wedding Anniversary. What a long way we have come from working at Rex House all those years ago. Lots of happiness always.together with the whole family. Susan & Stanley
Kay Weinberger180 ILSMazaltov Tabby and John on this milestone and wishing you many more years of good health and happiness together.
Dorothy and Albert Gellman540 ILSTo two golden people on a golden anniversary, with warmest regards
Anonymous200 ILSMazal Tov. Many more in good health.
Annette & Roger Lavender180 ILSMazal tov for many more years
Desna & Larry Lauber180 ILSDear Tabby & John Wishing you many more happy and healthy years to spend with your dear family and friends. Mazeltov.
Rachel and Neil Cohen360 ILSMazal Tov!
Mutzi and Michael Wreschner360 ILSA warm welcome to the 'golden'club, may you be members for many happy healthy years
שרי אשקנזי180 ILSמזל טוב , בריאות שמחות ונחת ובשורות טובות כשאתם מוקפים בכל אוהביכם בני משפחה וחברים כאחד . מאחלים מקרב לב שרה ויעקב אשכנזי
Anonymous200 ILSBrachot & Mazeltov
Francis and Henry Israel180 ILSDear Tabby and John, With much love and our very best wishes for many more years together in good health. Wishing you much nachat from your wonderful family.
Frances Burton300 ILSMazal Tov! Wishing you many more healthy happy years together.
Adrian & Elaine Mandel40 GBPMazaltov on your 50th and your good work on behalf of Shalva
Anonymous237 ILSMazal tov to a wonderful couple
Anonymous180 ILSTo two wonderful friends who I have known for more years than I can remember. May you enjoy many more years together in health and happiness. With love. Munchos anyos Y buenos!
Anonymous180 ILSMazel tov to a wonderful couple.
Laurie and Maxine Blendis180 ILSWonderful cause. Delighted to continue support. Mazel tov
Anonymous360 ILSTo our special friends Tabs & John. Wishing you many more years of happiness and good health together with your special family.
Lennard Lazarus36 GBPMazaltov to the golden couple who I introduced more than 50 years ago
Michael and Ruth Isaacs54 GBPMazal Tov to you both on this wonderful milestone in your lives. May Hashem grant you the strength to continue your amazing work on behalf of Shalvah and the many other charities that you support עד מאה ועשרים
Anonymous500 ILSMazal Tov to a Golden couple working for so many wonderful causes.
Anonymous3600 ILSHappy Anniversary to a golden couple who inspire us all with their love of life and their commitment to a better world. It is a privilege to share your celebration in this wonderful way.
Haskel Silas180 ILSMazal Tov. from Haskel, Joe & Tabby
Anonymous50 GBPMazaltov and very best wishes. Love Roz & John xx
Vernon & Andy Epstein200 GBPMazeltov. Fondest love Andy & Vernon
Eve and Phil Bloom500 ILSto a wonderful couple with all our love, many more happy and healthy years together
David Arnovitz360 ILSMazal tov and many more, David and Andi Arnovitz
Naftali Schiff360 ILS
Jonathan Kalman360 ILSMazel Tov and Love, Amy and Jonathan
Dorothy R. Chinitz180 ILSMay you have many more wonderful years together, love Dolly & Larry
Daniel Ginsbourg1000 ILSMany more golden years together; may all that you wish for, be fulfilled Love, Liz and Danny
Carole Sylvester180 ILSA Big Mazal Tov and lots of love
Barry and Lesley Prais180 ILSNow to the next 50! Mazaltov!
Dave & Ronit Zwebner360 ILSwishing you both good health naches and contentment in the many years ahead together
Robby WIlton50 GBPWonderful!
Melanie Phillips180 ILSHalf a century? Too incredible!! Aren't we all still in FZY...??! Mazaltov from Melanie and Joshua
Esti and Jeff Berk360 ILSMazal Tov, Tabby and John on your Golden Wedding Anniversary. . May you celebrate many more wedding anniversaries together in good health .
Anonymous500 ILSA big Mazal Tov, may you be able to continue all your good work in good health together until 120
Deena Spigelman180 ILSMazal Tov from Deena and Auri
Auri Spigelman180 ILS
Peter and Helen simpson360 ILSmazeltov on such an auspicious event
Eliane Wohlgemuth 180 ILSMazaltov to you both. With love. Eliane/Mendi
Sandra & Arnold Prais180 ILSmazeltov on 50 years together
Geoffrey Landau180 ILSA Big Mazaltov to you both with love from Simone& Geoff
Sherwin Pomerantz180 ILSMazal tov, Shoni & Sherwin Pomerantz
Sheila & Adrian Becker180 ILSMazal tov
David and Ricki Bernstein180 ILSMazal tov!
Jackie Frankel50 ILSMazal tov! :)