Aliya Becchi

My Fundraising Goal: 1,800 USD
Total Raised To Date: 1,063 USD
Remaining: 737 USD

Aliya's Mitzvah Project

I love to swim and we thought that finding a charity that helps people through swimming would be the ideal match for a Mizvah Project and beyond. Shalva has so many wonderful programs and felt like the perfect choice.

In addition to raising money for Shalva for my project and donating part of my gifts to them; I look forward to getting to Israel with my family in the near future and spending time in person at Shalva.​

Please help me help Shalva! Thank you so much.

All Sponsors:
Louise Treitman36 USDAliya - Mazal tov to you - Enjoy your celebration! Cantor Louise
Ellyn Cohen90 USDMazel Tov Aliya!! We love you and are so proud of you! We will be with you in spirit this weekend! xoxo
Marty & Betty Strauss & Berman118 USDDear Aliya...we are so proud of you for your choice of SHALVA as your Mitzvah project...just wonderful...we'll be with you very soon to celebrate...Loving you !!
Mark Cohn36 USDMazal tov to you Aliya! Wishing you a wonderful time with your celebration! Yishar koach - may you go on in strength!
CAROL RUTTENCUTTER75 USDI look forward to meeting you, I'm coming with Robin, and I'm looking forward to sharing your Bat Mitzvah.
Robin Kidder75 USDMazel Tov Alyia!!! Looking forward to seeing you and hearing you read the Torah!
Joanna Muenz36 USDWhat a terrific project!
Lawrence Muenz36 USDWe are so proud of you to undertake this Mitzvah project. Cousins Judy and Larry
Nancy and Chris Pazienza25 USDCongratulations and Buona Fortuna!
Arlene and Gabrielle Meritz and Yatkowsky36 USDGood luck with your very important mitzvah project
Sam Hilt36 USDWith warmest wishes!
Susanna Myers72 USDWhat a well chosen, thoughtful project. Congratulations Aliya!
Robert Levy36 USDA great chance to share your "simcha."
Tom Flood36 USD
Helene & Gene Granof72 USDMazeltov -- Sorry we can't be there to share this wonderful occasion with you
Leonard Robbins56 USDI'm sure you know how much the three of us appreciate your choice to support inclusion of people with disabilities. Mazel tov.
Andrea Berger52 USDAliya, Mazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah, in April. This is a very well research Mitzvah Project. Love to All, Andrea (#52 is SuperBowl)
Marsha Strauss36 USDMazal tov on your upcoming bat mitzvah and on stepping up and wanting to bring awareness and help to an organization doing good work for kids with special needs. Sending love and pride and counting down!
gabriello marchetti25 USDfor Aliya bat mitzva
Rabbi Leigh Lerner36 USDLooking forward to your Bat Mitzvah and sending compliments on a mitzvah project well-chosen.
Devorah Block25 USDThis is a great project, Aliya!
Sharon Strauss18 USDAliya we love you and are so proud of you. We look forward to a long relationship between our family and Shalva.