Tabby & John Corre

My Fundraising Goal: 100,000 ILS
Total Raised To Date: 53,910 ILS
Remaining: 46,090 ILS

Help Tabby & John raise much needed funds for Shalva

All Sponsors:
Laurence Begner250 ILSWell done. Kol Hakavod! Laurence and Sherry
Michael and Julia Odes250 ILSCongratulations. Keep up the amazing work
Anonymous120 ILSwell done for all your efforts
Rachel and Neil Cohen360 ILSWell done Tabby and John
David and Andi Arnovitz180 USDWell done Corres!
David & Ceil Olivestone360 ILSAnd you were in shul the next morning!
Much and Ruth Isaacs180 ILSWell Done!!
Kalman Samuels180 USDIn honor of Tabbe and John for their truly extraordinary accomplishments.
Jeff and Esti Berk360 ILSKol Hakavod to both or you. it's a really worthy cause.
Auri and Deena Spigelman360 ILSGood going!
Benjamin Reisman126 ILSKol Hakavod for completing the walk and raising so much for this great cause
Lennard Lazarus25 gbpWell done the Corre's
Jackie and Laurie Sharman360 ILSAmazing achievement
Joseph Silas50 gbpWell done
Gerard Mizrahi100 gbpGood luck.
Ian Gainsford180 ILSWell done
MORTY seelenfreund180 ILS
Kenneth Collins250 ILSWell Done!
Max and Barbara Blackston180 ILSYou got us at the drowned rat photo!!
Ronit & David Zwebner1000 ILSWell done both of you supporting a very worthy cause
Gaby and Ben Hirsch 360 ILSCongratulations on completing another incredible challenge and making such a difference to so many families’ lives
Anne and Jeff Rothenberg54 USDThank you for all the work you do for Shalva!
Gita & Tommy Freud180 ILSKol Hakavod
Judy Cohen180 ILSWhat an amazing couple
Jackie & David Corre360 ILS
Anonymous50 gbpGood luck on your herculean efforts!
Joseph Rich180 USD
John Graham360 ILSBest wishes for a safe and great trip.
Anonymous180 ILS
Eileen and Noggy Fridman360 ILS
Anonymous75 gbpGood luck pals!
Ruth & Martin Dunitz300 GBP
Dorothy and Albert Gellman1000 ILS
Lisa Corre350 ILSYou are both amazing!
Anonymous25 gbpYour efforts continue to amaze us
Pam & Benjy Richman180 ILSEnjoy a relaxing holiday
Eve and Phil Bloom500 ILSכל הכבוד You are both amazing. Do well and drink plenty of water.
John Graham360 USDהצלחה רבה
Jan Fidler360 ILSKeep up your good work
Jo & David Odes540 ILSYou are our inspiration. Keep up the amazing work. All our love
Flora Frank36 GBPBHatzlachah Rabbah
Raquel Corre72 USDYou are both amazing! With love and admiration Raquel, Darryl and family
Gidon Ode150 ILSLove you and so proud of you ❤️
Jean & Andrew Balcombe500 ILSWishing you success!
Yehuda odes100 ILSDear grandma and saba, we are so proud of you! you are an inspiration for us all. love Yehuda
Avi Odes100 ILS
Anonymous500 USDכל הכבוד! Keep up your good works.
Libby & Moshe Werthan1800 USD
Stanley & Susan Levine200 ILS
Frances Schneider250 USD30 KM seemed a lot, but 18 miles is amazing!!
Mem Fund1000 USD
Anette Lavender180 ILS
Dan et Liora Corre50 USDBravo à notre merveilleuse tante et à notre merveilleux oncle
Sylvia Wallis500 ILSgood luck - proud of you
Joshua Chadajo & Natalie Salem101 USDWhat an inspiration!
Anonymous1000 ILSAmazing!! La'Briut xoxo
Jenny and Leslie Wagner500 ILSBehatzlachah. Keep right on to the end of the road!
Charlotte & Morry Blumenfeld180 USDKol Ha Kavod.
Ziggy and Helen Reisman180 ILSkeep walking and bathe your feet at night
Jennye and Jonathan Seres75 gbpKol Hakavod. A tough challenge. Good luck.
Jonathan Polin180 ILSYou continue to inspire us.
Mutzi and Michael Wreschner180 ILSYou'll (really) never walk alone
Eliot Sacks300 ILS
Desna Lauber100 ILSKol haKavod
Helen Gross300 ILSKol Hakavod.Helen
Martin & Shirley March100 ILSKol HaKavod!!!
Marsha Roth360 ILSKol HaKavod and stay strong
Diana Lipton360 ILSOne of the many things we missed during Covid — learning about your amazing adventures for wonderful causes! Behatzlacha! Diana and Chaim
Ida Fry100 USDKol Hakavod. What a worthy cause
Anonymous100 ILSGood Luck!
Aliza Israel180 USDWow, what an amazing project! Kol Hakavod!!
Esther Sherman180 ILSיישר כח
Anonymous360 ILS
sara and jacob ashckenasi180 ILSwe are proud of you
Andy Hillel72 gbpKeep on walking!! Kol hakavod.
Gillian and |Eze Silas180 ILSHealth and strength for your wonderful endeavour. Gook luck!
Joshua Rozenberg360 ILSMore power to your knee-joints!
Diane and Jack Cadranel360 ILSGreat cause. Kol hakavod!
gerry ziering250 USDכל הכבוד
Daniel Ginsbourg180 ILSEnjoy!
Zeev and Shulamit Schwartz100 ILSתלכו מחיל אל חיל
Anonymous180 ILSכל הכבוד!
Anonymous180 ILSYou are amazing. Keep on going
The Wintos100 GBP
Simon & Anna Wiseman180 ILSBehatzlachah
Thelma and Steve Levy180 ILSBeHatslaha. Thel and Steve
Maureen Taylor180 ILSGood luck
Renee Wasserman36 gbpIn honour of our good friends John and Tabby for all their Chesed.
Roth Knoll 350 ILSGood luck!
Rob Rome270 ILSGood luck!
Jonathan Kalman360 ILSKol Hakavod!
shalva weil250 ILS
Shulamith Whitefield180 ILSWishing you all much success!
Anonymous180 ILSYishar koach for your ongoing commitment and involvement in this important institution!
Anonymous108 ILSA walk to be proud of, kol ha'kavod
Jack & Daphne Coleman180 ILSThis must be your hardest ever walk. Good Luck
Stuart Forman180 ILSKol Hakavod
Deborah Shapira72 USD
Sidney and Avelyn Hass240 ILSWe are full of admiration. Wishing you every success
Shari & David Greenberg360 ILSTabby and John, you are amazing!
Richard and Jean Corman100 USDKol Hakavod!
Susan & David Brager180 ILSKol HaKavod for all your efforts on behalf of Shalva
Ari Dale200 ILSThe amazing Corres march again ! Bravo!
linda Maslin25 gbpGood luck!!!
Anonymous50 gbpGood luck guys - keep on trucking
Neil Schechter250 USDבהצלחה
Stanley Hirsch400 ILS
Barry Levenfeld360 ILS
Syma & Henry Weinberg180 ILSHave a great time.
Eliane Wohlgemuth 180 ILSWishing you the best of luck. Go for it!
Raymond Jayson400 ILSBest of luck Tabby and John from Rahel and Raymond
Anonymous360 ILSGood luck!
Leon Morris and Dasee Berkowitz360 ILSB'hatzlachah Rabbah!
William Werblowsky180 ILSKol HaKavod
robby Wilton30 gbpwell done(in anticipation)
Sagiv and Jackie Frankel Yaakov50 ILSYasher koach!
David and Ricki Bernstein360 ILSGo John and Tabby!
Micha Neuhaus180 ILSgood luck
Barry White20 gbpDon't get legless!
Joel Weiss180 ILS
LAURENCE BLENDIS180 ILSfantastic effort. Kol Hakavod to you both
Jordan and Anne Herzberg180 USDBeHatzlacha
Sherwin Pomerantz180 ILSHatzlacha and proud of both of you.
Chia Samson180 USDGo Tabby & John!! Best of Luck!!
Shanan Sher360 ILSGood luck Shanan